The Power of BCAA’s

Make Your Muscle Grow with BCAA’s

When it comes to muscle growth, it's hard not to mention Branch Chain Amino Acids (also known as BCAA’s). These acids are considered as our body’s “building blocks” since they make up to 35% of human muscle mass. Because BCAA’s are crucial for muscle building, growth and recovery, they are extremely popular within the fitness and bodybuilding industry. If you workout day and night, but don’t get enough vital amino acids from the food, then all your efforts to build muscles are in vain. Whether your goal is to put on mass or cut down without losing muscles, a nutrient diet along with BCAA’s supplementation is the foundation of good health and the lean body. Now you are aware that for reaching your maximum fitness potential, you need a complete amino acid set.

Avoid Muscle Loss with BCAA’s

You might be wondering how BCAA’s work. And here is the answer. When you are following a strict diet or practicing intense workouts, your body is in a catabolic state. This means it breaks down tissue, rather than makes it - catabolic state makes you lose not only fat but muscle as well. Fortunately, you can get around this by getting important amino acids. BCAA’s perform both functions: increase protein synthesis as well as reduce the amount of protein breakdown. Among other BCAA’s benefits fitness experts distinguish the following:

  • Help to reduce tiredness;
  • Boost workout;
  • Improve training motivation.

BCAA's Dosage

Experts suggest mixing 5g of Fuel Protein BCAA's into 200mL of water during or after your workout to enhance muscle growth and recovery.

Premium BCAA’s from Australia

At Fuel Protein, we sell the best quality BCAA’s in Australia. Fuel Protein BCAA's powder quickly dissolves in cold water, producing a clear and clean tasting drink that doesn't foam or leave any residue. In our online shop, BCAA’s come in different sizes: a 250g resealable bag for $44.99 and a 500g bag for $79.99. You can also buy Anabolic Muscle Building Pack for $169.99. Browse through our website and choose BCAA’s dietary supplement package that suits you best. We guarantee the exceptional service and on-time delivery to each customer.


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