Maltodextrin 900g


Maltodextrin 900g

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Made from corn, Fuel Protein Maltodextrin is a complex natural carbohydrate that can be consumed before, during and after intense strength training.

Use Fuel Protein Maltodextrin to help sustain energy levels during endurance sports and exercise.

Supplementing with Fuel Protein Maltodextrin will give your muscles the nutrients required to recover, repair and grow.

Fuel Protein Maltodextrin can be consumed with Fuel Protein WPI, Fuel Protein Creatine, Fuel Protein Beta-Alanine, Fuel Protein AAKG and Fuel Protein BCAA’s.

For post-workout recovery and glycogen replenishment, Fuel Protein Maltodextrin is best consumed in equal portions with Fuel Protein Dextrose (1 scoop of each) mixed with Fuel Protein WPI.